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Hello, November!

Time to be thankful for what we have but also to discover even more. Therefore, we’ll share our top five web resources for this month:

1. 365psd

365psd gives away free vector images, logo designs, and PSD graphics submitted by a variety of designers. You can beef up your collection and use it in both commercial and non-commercial projects. The site was initially a personal endeavor to give away unused Photoshop files from creator Jonno Riekwel, but now hundreds of designers contribute.


2. offers access to a collection of live nature cams, documentary films, and special projects such as Dog Bless You. The website allows you to discover the world while sitting on your couch, whether it is the Arctic’s polar bears or puppies playing.

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3. TypingClub

TypingClub is an educational platform that can help you to learn how to type. It is free to use, and allows you to keep practicing until you get it perfect. As you go through the lessons, you get instant feedback, and you can also create a profile in order to save your progress.

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4. Roll20

Roll20 was launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign and allows you to play tabletop role-playing games (virtual tabletop). The platform is dedicated to enabling gamers to unite across the globe via easy-to-use gaming tools.

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5. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is an online learning platform that offers fully-accredited online courses and free certification with excellent peer-to-peer discussion forums. It works with over 175 global institutional partners and 10 million learners who take courses from leading universities and cultural institutions worldwide.

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