Content Creators Beware: Protect Your Intellectual Property Online

The rise of social media has paved a path for millennials and generation Z to build lucrative careers online. Some examples of these professions are YouTubers, TikTok stars, podcasters, influencers, photographers, videographers — what they all have in common is that they create content online. Content creation is a challenging career to explain to older generations who don’t understand the value of the work, the time it takes to create content, and how these people are getting paid to post images and videos on the Internet. But the jokes on them because content creators make an excellent living for themselves. As this new industry continues to develop, so will the sophistication of online threats. Content creators will need to learn how to protect their intellectual property and brand image online to have a successful and sustainable career in the digital world.

Why should content creators protect their intellectual property online?

A key part of being a content creator is, well, creating content. How would you feel if other businesses, particularly scams, were using your content to sell counterfeit products and services? There’s a good chance they are.

Social media content creators regularly deal with fake social media accounts pretending to be them but another concern is seeing their images being used to sell products and services they have no affiliation with. Social media users could be led to believe that a company has your stamp of approval when in reality they are profiting on your intellectual property and likeness, diminishing your brand value in the process.

These companies could steal your follower’s credit card information, supply defective or counterfeit products, and be involved in other harmful online schemes. Your followers likely won’t blame you for this but there is a good chance they will be wary moving forward, maybe even of your legitimate sponsorships and partnerships – which is how you make your money!

As seen in the wild

This exact thing happened to @thegreatgabs. A fellow content creator, @chelsieepaige found Gabby’s image being used on Amazon.

Gabby recounts “Ya’ll I DIY’d (do-it-yourself) this top by using a scarf from a boutique I got and used safety pins to add the chain.”

The Amazon seller created a counterfeit version of her top (gold chain and all) to sell using her images.

What’s the harm? Someone else is profiting off of Gabby’s hard work and creativity. She crafted the top herself using a popular TikTok trend and now someone is selling a knock-off. Not only that but they are using her images, which creates the impression that someone who purchases the top would be receiving the same top Gabby wore. In reality, they are going to get a cheap and poorly-made dupe.

original content creator instagram post

The original piece of content

content creator dupe
content creator amazon shop
content creator counterfeit
amazon listing

The solution for content creators? Use a Monitoring Service!

Protecting your intellectual property online may sound like an overwhelming task in today’s digital age. As the Internet and social media continue to grow, brand-hijackers have more opportunities than ever and are trying harder than ever to profit from your hard work. 101domain monitoring services act as your eyes and ears, ensuring no one is diluting your brand reputation and benefiting from your perfectly crafted image.


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