domain-fightsJust read a well-written article regarding a law firm whose former employee took along a few important domain names when she left. Now they are in a lawsuit.

We see this all the time. Clients call and ask us help them recover domains that they “own” but that are really registered by a third party. That third party is usually a former employee or a web designer who was in charge of registering domain names for the client. There is often little recourse, especially if animus exists between them and the actual domain registrant.

I like what the article author states at the end of his article. It’s really worth reading and acting on!

The bottom line is that online locations are now just as valuable, if not more so, than their real property counterparts and steps should be taken to enable the business or organization to protect its interests.

Registering domains should always be DIY in business. You don’t let other people register your domains. For companies, register them in the company’s name and assign active administrators who’s roles get changed out and assumed by another promptly if/when they leave your company. There should be written policies about domain names as well as checks and balances. Domains should be consolidated into a single account. These are important considerations for all companies.

Read the story… | Source: National Law Review