Review-Criticism-GrafIPPro, a free online publication, recently published The Internet Issue 86. Within this issue, a plethora of topics were addressed ranging from Internet privacy, cybersquatters, and social media policy. The issue consults some of the top Internet industry executives to address and comment on each topic they were exploring.  101domain’s Joe Alagna, Vice President of Channel Development, commented on whether or not domain name registrars should have more of a responsibility with regulating cybersquatters at registration. Alagna, explains that there are more than 70 different jurisdictions where the TMCH is already working together with registrars to notify trademark holders about potential cybersquatters who may be infringing on their marks.

Furthermore, Alagna states that registrars are cannot play the role of judge nor jury of law and do not carry the governmental authority to deal with cybersquatters. Alagna was also featured commentating on whether review TLD’s, like .sucks and .review, are a positive or negative to brands.

This has been a hot topic since the release of these new TLDs. His article was insightful and also counterintuitive to what many brands might think about review gTLDS, “Brands with a history of critical reviews should give more priority to the new review TLDs (Alagna, 2016, p.17). The affordances of social networking sites already provide a forum for reviews so brands should not be afraid of review TLDs; they should embrace them.

Having a website dedicated to the review of certain brand can provide raw data for companies on the opinions and concerns of their customers.  To read the full version of the article you can go online and download it for free. What an excellent resource straight from the experts discussing the most relevant news coming from the industry. Click here!