Our experienced team will determine the best approach to protect your brand from infringement and enforce compliance with Cease & Desist Letters and DMCA Takedowns.


Not all cases of infringement require a UDPR. Many times, you can approach a potentially infringing domain with a Cease & Desist Letter.


DMCA Takedowns remove the hassle of filing an infringement lawsuit while protecting your copyright and your brand reputation from dilution.

Prevent Cybersquatting with Defensive Registrations 

Protecting your valuable digital assets is not a one size fits all solutions. People often ask us what is the golden rule for a brand protection strategy. We believe in focusing on major zone coverage with the 80/20 rule. We can cover 80% of the world for you, for 20% of the cost and effort

Partner with Experienced Professionals 

Our team of account managers and legal professionals have the knowledge and expertise to assess your domain portfolio and offer recommendations. When paired with Domain Monitoring which acts as an extra set of eyes on your brand, you will have full coverage and reliability for your digital properties.

Combat Infringement with Enforcement Tactics 

We know your time is valuable, which is why we determine the best approach to go after for a potentially infringing domain name. Our goal is to alleviate the stress placed on your team and your budget. If something comes up, we are here to help you achieve a favorable outcome with C&D, DMCA Takedowns, UDRP, and URS solutions.


The starting off point is traditionally a Cease & Desist Letter. If the party ignores the warnings and continues cybersquatting, counterfeiting or infringing on your mark, we can escalate the issue with a DMCA Takedown.

Best for

  • Contacting the registrar or hosting provider directly to remove any infringing copyrighted content from a website.
  • When a registrant’s contact information is unavailable and the abuse is tied to the infringing content, and not the domain name itself.

Best for

  • Contacting the registrant directly to remove or relinquish control of the offending domain.
  • Curing abuses related to trademark infringement, phishing or spam abuse and cybersquatting.

Preparation & Filing
$250 / per case

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