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Amazon may strike a dead end

The General Advisory committee has decided to file a general disagreement against the new gTLD application for the domain name .amazon against the multi-national company Amazon. The objection came in response to the Latin American countries that coin that geographical regional term as their own. The countries tried to file an objection during the Beijing ICANN meetings earlier this year, but where not able to file these objections because of the United States disagreement with their petition. This time the United States remained silent on the matter and allowed the objection to pass. The vote will now go ahead to the ICANN committee for review of these objections. This would not be the first United States firm that received the dead end with the new gTLDs. Patagonia was already the first company to have this fate. They both seem to fall into the general category of national geographic terms that seem not to make it passed the ICANN committee. To read further click here.