basic domain security

There are many challenges associated with running a successful business in the digital age. In addition to the benefits of bringing your business online, such as expanding into new markets, there are threats that require a methodical security strategy to combat. Without basic domain security in place, you are leaving your corporate infrastructure open to attacks with devastating consequences. Therefore domain security should be taken as seriously as any other form of cybersecurity.

Starting with the basics: why organizations lack basic domain security

The reason many businesses lack basic domain security today is their choice of a web service provider. Not all providers are created equal. While you can score a .com domain for less than a dollar with popular domain registrars like, Network Solutions Inc.,, and GoDaddy, you can’t deploy the same advanced security features as you can at 101domain.

Does Your Corporate Infrastructure have these 3 Domain Security Basics?

In this article we are going to outline basic domain security features every online business should have in place from the Fortune 500 to small and mid-sized businesses.

1. Registry Lock

What it is

Registry Lock prevents unauthorized parties from updating your domain settings. Just like you wouldn’t leave your safe at home without a lock, a Registry Lock adds an extra layer of security to your digital assets. When Registry Lock is activated, an authorized account manager at 101domain must manually submit a request to the registry, who then verifies the request through a phone call which requires a secret passphrase, in order for any changes to be made.

Why you need it

Registry Lock is a domain security feature that prevents attacks like domain name hijacking from causing irrevocable financial and reputational damage to your business. Domain name hijacking can result from social engineering attacks that target your employees and prey on human error and emotions. Phishing attacks are often successful when they put your employees in high-pressure situations causing them to disclose mission-critical business information, data, or funds. Registry Lock is a no-brainer.

2. Enterprise DNS

What it is

The domain name system (DNS) is the backbone of the Internet. The DNS is like a massive global phone book that directs and routes all the calls that users and other devices make to each other day in and day out, 24/7/365. When a URL is requested in a browser or by a device, there are server networks behind the scenes which get you to the correct destination. It’s an invisible service but not all DNS services perform the same in speed, reliability, and security. When you register a domain name it comes with free standard DNS. This is usually not an issue for businesses until it is—when your website stops responding, slows down, is attacked, or is compromised.

Why you need it

Global and high availability businesses require enterprise DNS services to prevent threats such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Secure Web Accelerator powered by Cloudflare is an enterprise DNS solution that relieves your business from the costs and stress of DNS-based DDoS attacks. Cloudflare DDoS protection secures websites, applications, and corporate infrastructures while ensuring the performance of legitimate traffic is not compromised. Cloudflare’s anycast network blocks over 72 billion threats per day, including some of the largest DDoS attacks in history, covering the basic domain security requirements for millions of applications around the world.


What it is

Remember how we told you the DNS is the phone book of the Internet? The DNS tells computers where to send and retrieve information. Unfortunately, it also accepts any address given to it, no questions asked. Knowing this, attackers began exploiting the security issues inherent in the decades-old DNS infrastructure. Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) adds a layer of trust on top of DNS by providing authentication before accepting an answer. DNSSEC ensures that internet users are reaching your organization online and have not been redirected to a fraudulent website.

Why you need it

DNSSEC is the simplest domain security requirement to deploy and users everywhere could benefit from the assurance DNSSEC provides. DNSSEC adds an additional layer of security at every level in the DNS lookup process. 101domain’s Secure Web Accelerator powered by Cloudflare comes with one-click DNSSEC to protect your users from attacks that can spoof or hijack your DNS records. The DNSSEC protocol verifies that a requested DNS record comes from its authoritative name server and wasn’t altered en-route via cache-poisoning, man-in-the-middle attacks, or other types of DNS forgeries.

Secure Web Accelerator

Secure Web Accelerator powered by Cloudflare with DNSSEC adds a layer of authentication on top of your DNS to improve your site’s security, speed, and reliability starting a less than $1/month.

Final Thoughts on Domain Security

Most organizations lack basic domain security. 101domain is on a mission to change this. To meet the varying needs of businesses in the digital age, we provide Registry Lock, Enterprise DNS, DNSSEC and other brand protection services to strengthen the domain security of our client’s corporate infrastructures.