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Before you read on, take a minute and think about how long you would wait for a website to finally finish loading before your time becomes too valuable for you to waste it on something like visiting a website. The rise of technology has changed our expectations, and according to statistics, most users start to become impatient after 3 short seconds. One extra second of page loading time can have significant effects on your site’s revenue and your brand’s reputation.
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The importance of speed in the online world

Improving the page loading speed is a tangible way to enhance the user experience, a factor that can be easily tackled. Let’s start with the facts to draw a vivid picture of the importance of seconds in page speed:

If you want to establish your brand online, you have to understand the digital landscape. Before buying a domain name or building any kind of web presence, ask yourself, ”How can I protect my product or service within the vastness of the World Wide Web?” The Trademark Clearing House was created to help brands protect their trademarks online while gaining brand recognition at the same time.

Each second of a slowdown could cost the multinational technology company 6 billion dollars in revenue.

The free software community registered 60 million more downloads each year by increasing its page load time by 2 seconds.
After the online shopping network improved the site loading time from 6 to 1.2 seconds, earnings increased by 12%.
A delay of 2 seconds in page loading time led to a 75% reduction in clicks and caused a 4% lower satisfaction rate.
Even milliseconds count:
The cloud service provider found out that every 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by 7%.
They discovered that an extra .5 seconds in search page generation time lead to a 20% decrease in traffic.
TABB Group

The international consulting firm estimates that if a broker’s electronic trading platform is behind the competition, it could cost them $4 million in revenue per millisecond and 10 milliseconds of latency could result in a 10% drop in revenue.

The retail corporation observed a 1% increase in earnings for every 100 milliseconds of improved webpage speed.
Just like Google saw a decrease, the search engine provider saw a 9% increase in traffic to every 400 milliseconds of webpage speed improvement.
But slow website loading times can also harm your brand’s reputation. First impressions are vital because customers and website visitors instantly judge you and your business. A recent Customer Research Report from Single Stone revealed that almost a third of customers are less likely to buy from a website with poor performance. A shocking 66% admitted that the performance also influences their impression of a company.

Unfortunately, there’s even more to come. Slow page load times cause poor user experience, and search engines like Google take site speed into account in search rankings and will penalize your website if they detect any indication of a drop.

Simply put, slow page loading times cause a financial impact,
will negatively affect your reputation and harm your search engine ranking.

When talking about website speed and security, Cloudflare always comes up for discussion. Getting your websites, images, and videos to load quickly is a necessity for your online success. The Secure Web Accelerator powered by Cloudflare acts as a content delivery network (CDN), whose purpose is to shorten the loading time. As a CDN, it catches the customer’s website and any static resources and then spreads it across a network of servers.

Domain Name Portfolio Management

What if the domain name you want to register isn’t available?

If the domain name you’re searching for is unavailable, it most likely means that you missed out on registering it, and someone already owns it. You can use a WHOIS lookup site to get the publicly available details of who owns the domain. But just because someone owns the domain name you have your heart set on, it doesn’t mean it’s not for sale. The 101domain Domain Concierge Service can help you to acquire a domain name if the current owner is willing to sell the rights to you.

What if someone else registered your trademarked brand name?

The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) provides a  resolution for disputes between a Registrant and third party over the abusive registration of a domain. UDRP Monitoring and Enforcement deals with trademark disputes or cybersquatting cases. Filing a UDRP with an approved dispute-resolution provider allows for a lower cost, faster resolution, and gives the option to cancel or transfer the domain.

When time is worth 3 Million dollar

Do you want to know how Escobar, Inc. recently won a fight over the domain name even though the domain was registered by the Respondent in the UDRP back in 1999 and the trademark rights of PABLO ESCOBAR were only granted in 2017? This case is an excellent example of how important it is to respond to a UDRP complaint to protect your rights.

We will help you protect more than your rights online.

You’ve built your business and your brand. Now how do you secure and protect it? Together, we can establish, grow, and protect your domain portfolio and your online presence.

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