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Antigua & Barbuda (.AG)

One of the most flourishing areas in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda does so well thanks to tourism and banking. The tourism industry brings in a lot of revenue from foreign exchange. Antigua offers an attractive offshore financial center with it’s key asset being that it exists in the same time zone as New York, Central America, and a portion of South America.

Although the economy of Antigua and Barbuda is based mainly on services, construction and light manufacturing are also important. Manufacturers export many items such as paint, furniture, paper products, and the assembly of garments, vehicles, and household appliances. In order to encourage local manufacturers, they were given the right to export items tax-free and duty-free. Their trading partners consist of the United States, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Small Country, But Many Other Uses for .AG

A popular use for .AG is as an abbreviation for the German word “Aktiengesellschaft” which refers to a publicly traded company located in Germany or Austria. Many German and Austrian companies register .AG after their corporate name to represent that they are publicly traded.

AG is also often used as an abbreviation for Agriculture. The agribusiness sector in the United States and the economic impact of agribusiness is huge. According to the EPA, in 2010, agriculture and related industries had about 5% percent value-added share of nominal GDP ($9.95 trillion). The sector employs just over one-sixth of the U.S. civilian labor force (2.63 million workers in 2007). The .AG registry likely offers some great naming alternatives for agriculture related businesses.

Other Possible Meanings For “AG” From

Agriculture | Academically Gifted | Accredited Genealogist | Acoustic Guitar | Action Group | Adjutant General | Adventure Guide | Agco Corporation | Age Group | Aging Gracefully | Agrigento (Italian city) | Aktien Gesellschaft (Company Shares – German) | Alpha Geek | Amazing Guy | Anti-Gravity | Application Gateway | Assemblies of God | Arabian Gulf | Architectural Group | Area Governor | Argovia (Swiss Canton) | Army Group | Attorney General | Audio Graphics | Auditor General | Australia Group | Authors Guide | Automotive Group | Avant Garde

Words Ending in “AG”

The registry is open to the world. Words ending in -ag could also be used as “domain name hacks” such as br.AG, dustr.AG, or moneyb.AG. These average words could transform a simple domain name into a new virtual hotspot. As of this writing, we haven’t checked if those are available!

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