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Country Spotlight – .PW

Or should we say… “Professional Web”

Since .pw is generally available for registration now, we thought you’d like to have some information on the country and some ideas on how this domain can be useful to you and your prospects.

Palau – .PW

After three decades as part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific under US administration, this westernmost cluster of the Caroline Islands opted for independence in 1978 rather than join the Federated States of Micronesia. A Compact of Free Association with the US was approved in 1986 but not ratified until 1993. It entered into force the following year when the islands gained independence.

Palau is a group of islands located in Oceania, or the North Pacific Ocean, southeast of the Philippines. It’s about 2 times the size of Washington DC and has a population of 21,000 people. There are only about 7000 phones and 17,000 cell phones in the islands so there’s not too much of an opportunity for sales there.

Uses For The .PW TLD

The great news is that the government of Palau has made their domain extension unrestricted so it can be registered and used all over the world! .PW is the latest country code domain name to undergo a transformation into a “generic” domain. .TV (Tuvalu), .CO (Colombia), and .ME (Montenegro) have all become successful registry businesses.

According to here are some of the possible meanings of “pw”…

Palau | Parent Working | Pastors Wife | Peak Width | Pearl White | Pecker Wood | Penny Wise | Per Week | Personal Watercraft | Personal Web | Philadelphia Weekly | Philly Wins | Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad | Plain Weave | Plane Wave | Please Watch | Poetry Web-ring | Poets And Writers | Ponding Water | Portfolio Width | Post War | Post Workout | Posterior Wall | Posts And Wires | Practice Worksheet | Prayer Warrior | Pre War | Precipitable water | Pregnancy Week | Premarital Wishes | Presbyterian Women | Present Work | Pressure Wave | Pretty White | Pretty Wife | Pretty Worthless | Priority Words | Prisoner of War | Pro Wrestling | Probability Weights | Producing Wisecracks | Product Weight | Production Week | Production Weight | Production Worker | Professional Writer | Profile Width | Project Work | Prosecution Witness | Prosodic Word | Protocol Wrapper | Providence and Worcester Railroad Company | Public Works | Pulse Width | Puncture Wound | Puppy Walker | Pure Water | Pyrolyzing Wall | Pratt Whitney

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