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The Fastest Growing ccTLD

According to several sources, most notably the .me registry itself, the .me ccTLD of Montenegro is the fastest growing ccTLD in the last year. It recently reached 250,000 registrations and said the following in a press release announcing that it has hit the quarter million mark:

The .ME Registry announced today its popular ccTLD extension has hit 250,000 domains registered. Montenegro’s .ME Registry has seen significant growth since it launched the domain extension worldwide just over one year ago. In fact, .ME is the fastest growing new ccTLD.
JamesCrocker.Me, registered through, was the name which pushed the Registry’s portfolio to the quarter-million milestone.

The .ME domain extension has proven to be incredibly popular worldwide. More than 48,000 applications were received to participate in the current online auction of .ME domains which ends in just a few days. The next online auction, hosted by, is scheduled to begin June 5.


The release goes on to talk about how the success of the .ME extension is due, in large part, to its wide appeal in use for marketing/brand and personal use. Many individuals have registered their names in the .me extension, and several popular sites, including popular dating site have used the extension as part of their site/brand name.

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