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What Makes a Domain Name a Premium Domain?

Your brand started as just an idea and has grown to be something much more. It’s your baby you have nurtured from conception until now and you have probably had an idea of the exact name you wanted for it since the beginning. We all know the value of giving your website a good name. All of your branding, marketing materials and promotion will be centered around the name you choose, so you want to make sure it tells your story and communicates your message.

What is a premium domain name?

In your search for domain names you may have come across some that are priced much higher than other ones you have seen – these are premium domains. The reason they are priced anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars higher is because they are perceived to be more valuable than the average domain name. How does one determine what is a premium domain? I mean a good name is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, there’s a method to it. For example two and three characters domain names are almost always included as premium domain names because they are often used as acronyms as well as common one word keyword domain names which are also at the top of the premium domain name list because of their appeal to brands.

Why are premium domains so expensive?

Premium domains are priced directly from the registry (the organization that owns the domain brand like Verisign – .COM or Afilias – .INFO) and through individual sellers. Domain name investors will purchase premium domains to sell to large corporations, start-ups, small business and individuals like yourself for a higher price. Every brand should have a section of their budget dedicated to domain names and brand protection. You can’t always put a price tag on the perfect name, you just get a gut feeling where it feels right and you know it’s worth pursuing. In this case it may mean spending extra money on a premium domains.

What if you could get premium domain names for a non premium price?

Not all domain endings have premium domains. For the most part country code domains do not. So for popular domains like .AI, .AE, .IS, and .CN you can score a world class domain at regular registration cost. This is great news for start-ups who are just venturing into the online space. An industry specific domain like .AI that is trending for artificial intelligence can be registered for the same price regardless of how great the name is valued to be. Register yours today before they are swiped up by a domain investor.

You can even find some new domains that do not have premium domains. Let’s say you brand is Mark Lary and Associates Engineering (MLA) for short. While is considered a premium domain, is not.

You are what makes a domain name premium. No matter if you are purchasing premium domains or regularly priced domains, let us help you find the perfect name!