dot-moi-logoNo one seems to know what is happening at the new Amazon Registry right now.  But I have a feeling that their actions are going to be important and imminent.  I’ve been somewhat obsessed with them for a long time.  I admire their business acumen although at times I have complained about their ruthless competitiveness (Read “The Everything Store“; It’s a great read, fun, and contains some  good business lessons).  It’s tough to be a competitor of Amazon.

In any event, I think something is coming soon and it could be big.  Here are a few things I’ve observed:

1.) They have three domains in contention; two popular ones, .music and .kids, along with .mail.  There are other things holding .mail up but I don’t think that .mail will hold Amazon back for long.

2.) They have 52 new gTLDs in a status of either Delegated or Transition to Delegation.

3.) These 52 new gTLDs contain some important strings with huge potential.  Take a look at just sixteen of them:

.audible .author .book .buy
.call .coupon .joy .deal
.like .now .talk .song
.tunes .safe .room .save


This is just a sampling. Imagine the potential of .book and .author.  Every author in the world will have to own one of these.  Then consider .coupon or .deal.  Are you kidding me? These are amazing strings.  Another favorite of mine is .now.  I can’t wait to offer these domains.

Now let’s take a look at some of their IDNs:

String Punycode Language Rough Pronunciation
クラウド   | .CLOUD xn--gckr3f0f Japanese Kuraudo
 ストア       | .STORE xn--cck2b3b Japanese Sutoa
 書籍           | .BOOK xn--rovu88b Japanese Shoseki
TUSHU        |Means Books Pinyin Chinese Tushu
WANGGOU | Means Online Shopping Pinyin Chinese Wangou
セール          | .SALE xn--1ck2e1b Japanese Sēru
ファッション   | .FASHION xn--cckwcxetd Japanese Fasshon
ポイント      | .POINT xn--eckvdtc9d Japanese Pointo
家電        | .CONSUMER ELECTRONICS xn--fct429k Japanese Kaden
食品        | .FOOD xn--jvr189m Chinese Shípǐn


These are all sensible and highly commercial IDN and Pinyin strings. Once IDNs really begin to take off, these are all going to be valuable.  Amazon made many excellent choices.

So what might one surmise?  Well, their first release is .moi, a French string meaning “me”.   They are targeting French speakers and French speaking countries.  I see this as an entree to the registry business for them.  A lot of companies use remote or niche products to gain a foothold and learn the lay of the land; a soft launch.  Once Amazon gets the hang of things in the domain industry, it’s possible that we’ll see a lot of movement very fast.

The way I see it, they are laying low until they determine the status of .music and .kids since both of them are so important and still in contention.  But most contention should be worked out by the end of July; August at the latest.  It’s actually possible that they could do a large number of releases at once.  They have everything out of the way. Why hold back once these last contention sets are complete?

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