Art enhances every aspect of our lives, stimulating our brain and feeding our souls. In a world heading towards artificial intelligence, automation, and a technology-driven sales force, the art industry is one which must be protected, encouraged and celebrated because at the end of the day the work of an artist is one that cannot be replaced.

What defines art, you ask?

Just ask Art Kliatchko, our Director of Operations!

Who is the .ART TLD for?

The term “Art” covers many different fields and is a culture of innovation and expression. .ART defines their target market to be the creative community including but not limited to the following:

  • Places: museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas, opera houses, multi-disciplinary arts centers, philharmonic orchestras.
  • People: authors, dealers, curators, professional and student artists, collectors; designers, architects, makers, buyers, educators, photographers.
  • Service providers: finance and lending, insurance, transportation, PR and marketing, consultancies, materials and supplies, architecture firms, art fairs and events, auction houses, design houses, photography studios, film studios.
  • Education and not-for-profits: government departments, non-profit associations, foundations, art schools, colleges, universities.
  • Media: publishers, magazines, and publications.

.ART Domain Availability

For those of you who haven’t found the perfect domain name that describes your artistic brand and easily rolls off the tongue, .ART is a new gTLD of possibilities. With a .ART TLD you join an elite group of artists from all facets of life. Owning a prestigious .ART domain name sends a powerful marketing message and if you act quickly you will be able to secure a premium domain name (the sort that is catchy and short and has been registered in their equivalent .com, .org, .info since the early 2000’s).

Get hyped about .ART Domain Names

.ART is one of the most anticipated New gTLDs being released and early adopters are excitedly picking up the brush and creating their artistic dreams online. The .ART TLD is a digital channel that allows your brand to grow in your field, showcasing who you are and what you do. Network with like-minded individuals and represent your brand as a key influencer and thought-leader in the art community with a .ART domain name.