On February 7th, any person or company will be able to register .COM.CO (Colombia) domain names.  Previous documentation required will no longer be needed.

Additionally, starting March 2010, the top level .CO extension will become available to current registrants of .COM.CO domain names.  If you are the current owner of a .COM.CO domain name please contact us so you can register your domain before it becomes available to the public.

Here is the proposed structure for the roll out of these domains:

Phase 1 – March, 2010: Those that have a domain registered .co before July 30, 2008 will have priority to register the same domain in the second level.

Phase 2 -Phase two will have two parts:

  • Between April 1st to April 20th, 2010: Those that have a valid trademark in Colombia (before July 30,2008) will be able to register domains.
  • Between April 26th to Jun 10th: Those that have trademark outside of Colombia (before July 30th, 2008) will be able to register this   domains.

Phase 3Between June 21 and July 13: Anyone will be able to request a domain with a fee higher than the normal one.
In case of more than one request for same domain, an auction will result.

Phase 4Begins On July 20: The registration will be open to public in general on ” First Come, First Served” basis.
The registration will be done with the registrars and from 1 to 5 years.

Note: All dates are currently tentative and could change.