Originally established as the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for the British island of Guernsey, gaming companies, bloggers and forums are taking .GG to the next level with good game! Good game “GG” is the term you mutter at the end of a game whether you mean it or not, out of respect for the game and respect for the other player(s).

Good game is just taking off and there are so many ways to use the versatile .GG domain extension.


You could take a page from the book of and feature placing and performance ranking of top players, because does that high score really count if you can’t rub it in everyone’s face?


Or solve a problem for new players like does. is focused on helping World of Tanks fans become better players by familiarizing them with the hundreds of tanks in the game. Their noble goal is to provide players a free resource of information to make the game better for everyone, and for that we applaud them.


Watching replays is one of the best ways to improve your skills. created a space online that will help League of Legends layers turn a good game into a great game. They automatically record every game you play so players can relive their best moments and build on mistakes for the next game.


It’s always nice when people have a place to go to chat with like-minded individuals. encourages just this with their open forum for gamers. No matter what game world you’re coming from, all gamers are welcome to connect, share pointers, and even create their own chat room.

There are so many places to go with the new domain hack for .GG, where will you take it?

Start here today!