Ambitions For Angola & Africa In The Digital World

History Of Internet In Angola:

* Angola joins the Regional Information Society Network for Africa (RINAF) that was initiated in 1992 as a framework for UNESCO’s support for African co-operation to promote academic and public sector computer networking.

* Considering that Angola had to involve itself in the PII (International Informatics Program) which included RINAF, a delegation from Agostinho Neto University attended the V session of the IIP committee where It presented a paper entitled “L’Informatique Dans Le Secteur Publique en Republique d’Angola”.

* Pursuing this objective on 28th August 1996 Angola was formally and technically connected to the Internet with the support of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and of Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional (FCCN) both from Portugal.

State Of Internet In Angola:

* Domain registration started in 1997

* Sub-domains classification “” “” “”
“” “” “”

* Strong technical support from FCCN – Portugal

* Hosting of the “.ao” root by FCCN

* 700 domains are registered today

A New Step For Angola:

* Strong investments on the Internet

* Prices reduced by 50% for domain names registration

* Specific DNS support for Angolan engineers

* A will to enter international domain name market

* Launch of a new generation of Internet Services in
Angola for “” & “”

* Promotion of peering links between operators

A Quest For The Best Solution:

* Selection of a high end Registry solution: FRED

* Development of a Java Connector to interconnect FRED
with the Registrar

* Integration of the EPP protocol (FRED style)

* Java connector available as an Open-Source at

* Development of the first Angolan Registrar

* A plan to add more Registrar in the near future

A Digital Future For Angola:

* Partnership with local ISP’s

* New international connection to the Internet

* Development of a large scale hosting facility in Luanda

* New products derived from domain name registration
Mail services

* Hosting services

* All African countries are most welcome to join this
cooperation program

* Angola and the International partners can provide
support for the implementation of a similar project

24 June 2008 (source: