ICANN has held discussions with Employ Media on whether or not the registry will stop allocating non-company-name .jobs domains. The company planned to renew their charter this year, while ICANN  threatened to terminate their registry deal after the company starting allocating premium vocational geographic domains, specifically Universe .JOBS, to DirectEmployers Association, a partner of the company.

ICANN also notified Employ Media in a breach of contract notice that the company was violating the .JOBS charter and was misrepresenting the ICANN community. By allowing any company to register for second level registrations in the .JOBS TLD it defeats the purpose of the TLD’s existence. Since the dispute, ICANN has been having private discussions with the company to resolve the issue. Employ Media does not think they are violating the charter and that ICANN should be allowing competition with contractual partners.  ICANN will be creating an amendment to the charter by May 2nd and will take no further action on contractual breaches until May 6th.

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