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Sunrise Period for .LU IDNs Continues

As a reminder, we are now halfway through the sunrise period for .LU (Luxembourg) IDNs.  For those interested, here are the guidelines for .LU IDN Registration during this time:

  • During this sunrise period owners of registered .LU names will be able to register the identical names with special characters.  In other words, only IDNs that are based on existing registered domain names, but with substitutions for the allowable special characters will be allows.  To see the list of allowable special characters in the Luxembourgish, German and French languages, check this page.
  • An IDN must be registered to the same holder (same name, same address) as the similar ASCII domain name.
  • Trade of IDNs registered during the sunrise period will be blocked until the end of the sunrise (March 31st).

Other notes on changes to .LU Domain Registration Rules:

  • As of February 1st, 2010, registrants are no longer required to give power of attorney to an agent established in Luxembourg in order to register and manage their domain name
  • Domain names containing the name of a city or municipality will become open to any interested party as of January 1st, 2011.
  • Domain names which have been previously rejected under former registration policies and identified as “Temporary blocked domain names”, will become available for registration during 2010. Details of the registration process, as well as the date of release will be published in due time.

If you have any questions about registering a .LU domain or IDN, contact 101domain and we’ll be glad to assist you.