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101Domain first US based registrar to implement new CNNIC policy

Requirements for .CN domains for the past years have been stringent and have required lengthy and time consuming authentication by the registry.   CNNIC has decided to update their policy and will be slowly implementing the change with registrars in the upcoming year.

We are proud to announce that 101Domain, as an accredited CNNIC registrar,  is one of the FIRST REGISTRARS  WORLDWIDE to enter into the new contract for CNNIC’s new policy implementation.    This means that starting March 1, 2012 you can register .CN domains under the new policy without delay through 101Domain!

According to the new policy,  we can register .CN domains to any company in any country around the world with supporting documentation.    Supporting documentation requires only a copy of valid government issued company registration certificate, OR a link to a valid government website where the information can be viewed.     Any domain name can be registered and it does not have to match the company name (exception is the Chinese IDN — .China).  Validation of all documents is performed by 101Domain,   thus decreasing the waiting time for activation of new domain names.

Under the new policy, individuals cannot register .CN domain names, however those individuals wishing to register .CN domain names can take advantage of 101Domain  Trustee Service.

Register your .CN domain under new policy here: