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The 411 on .NU

A tiny island located 2.400 kilometers off the northeast coast of New Zealand has its own country code top level domain name. What country you ask? The tiny country of Niue, denoted by .nu. The country originally settled by Polynesians consists currently of 1,800 people in a mere 260 square kilometers. The country was the first to offer the entire nation wireless internet and the first to offer domain extensions to international registrants. This ccTLD model is the first that plans to keep internet free through the countries ccTLD revenues. The .nu registry has had a few bumps in the road, especially in 1997 when ICANN sold the rights of .nu to an American business man. The name proved to be popular in Europe meaning “now” in several countries. Although the name in Niue means “Look there is a coconut”. The .nu extension however, isn’t often seen by businesses in Australia keeping the name mostly off the radar. To Read more click here.