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.COM.UA and .KIEV.UA Now Internationalized!

With Internationalized Domain Names (or IDNs), it is possible for domain names to be expressed in a language other than Latin.  Top and Secondary level domains continue to join the ranks of those extensions capable of internationalization, and now the Ukraine has added two more SLDs capable of being registered in Cyrillic:  .COM.UA and .KIEV.UA domains.  A domain name must contain one Cyrillic symbol minimum (must be visually different from Latin), and may include digits (0-9) or a hyphen in addition to the Cyrillic symbols.

General registration begins today, open to anyone, with terms ranging from 1 to 10 years. is committed to meeting your domain needs through service and product availability.  Visit our .COM.UA or .KIEV.UA search pages, or for access to IDN Cyrillic keyboard and search, visit our IDN pages for IDN.COM.UA and IDN.KIEV.UA.