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Domain name Phishing

The number of domains registered for phishing attacks has doubled in the year 2013 according to the group Anti-Phishing Working Group. The group identified that out of the 53,685 domains that were registered 12,173 were phishing sites. This number is reportedly up from 5,835 in 2012. This is an astounding increase in numbers and begs to question how safe are domains in the world of the Internet? The group identifies the increase to a sudden surge in registrations coming from Chinese phishers, which is almost accounting for 68% of the new registrations. These numbers are also displaying that 66 domains a day are being registered in China in conjunction with phishing and seven registered trademarks are being infringed upon. The group says that victims of phishing are not protecting themselves by registering different variations of their domain name, but that there is no real protection from phishers on the attack. To read more click here.