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Domain Sales Promise a Business Opportunity

The new developments from ICANN, announced on June 20th in Singapore, hold promise for business with the increasing relevance for industry to have new company identities online. Branding will become an intricate part of having an online presence. This online presence will be an important vehicle for companies to create new business strategies and selling power. It will become a reality for companies in the future, who would like to have their URL’s choice, to apply and rightfully own their extension. There will no longer be instances where ‘cyber domain squatters’ will have bought out your companies URL and the company has to go to ridiculous lengths to regain their name.  Even the technology bigwig Apple for example does not own However,  Apple will now have the new domain name extension for their online identity be .Apple. This will is the largest change in the domain name industry and will create new business. To read further please click here.