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Dubai may bring change

The big debate next week will be over who will govern the Internet at the International Telecommunications Union meeting in Dubai. The ITU is a 157 year old arm of the United Nations. The European Union and US Congress is looking to keep the old system of decentralized Internet, while authoritarian nations are looking to centralize the Internet. Although the official specifics have not been released, drafts that have been leaked are indicating a universal identification system. Overall 192 countries are vying for the United Nations to rule the Internet and not this mixture of private companies and non-profits. The ITU is sick of the United States having the majority of Internet companies. Especially because of recent military use of the Internet by the United States when they planted a worm to stop Iran’s Nuclear Program. The United States is doubtful that the 12-day meeting in Dubai will bring any change to the program. To read further on this topic click here.