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New Extensions

A new internet vanity is coming to the internet,since the approval in Singapore, many companies are already bidding to have their unique extension. Currently we have more than 300 extensions available today, majority of them being ccTLD’s. However, now there are endless possibilities and suffixes that have been created everything from geography to brand. The new domains are hopefully going to start coming out next year, and researchers say that the majority of individuals use search engines to find their websites anyways so the transition will come easy to users. In the past ICANN approved .info and .biz, which is all part of the brand new naming system. Organizations who will be operating suffixes will be able to collect registrations fees from companies who want names and make millions a year if a website has gained popularity. Cities are viewing this new naming system as a way to having local merchants and companies work together under one location, for example .vegas. The one delay that ICANN is having is that the new naming system could infringe on copyright law. To read up further on the new naming system click here.