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Federal Trade Commission Warns

Praise was awarded to the United States Federal Trade Commission from the Association of National Advertisers for sending a 15-page letter to ICANN highlighting the specific problems and concerns with the new gTLD program.  The letter voiced concerns and stated “the potential for significant consumer harm resulting from the unprecedented increase in gTLDs.” The letter also stated that they believe all the concerns they have about the program can be fixed prior to being released. The Federal Trade Commission fears that the consumer may have problems and lose confidence in the internet as a whole. The FTC outlined five steps to resolve the problems. To read further please click here.

  1. Implement the new gTLD program as a pilot program and substantially reduce the number of gTLDs that are introduced in the first application round
  2. Strengthen ICANN’s contractual compliance program, in particular by hiring additional compliance staff
  3. Develop a new ongoing program to monitor consumer issues that arise during the first round of implementing the new gTLD program
  4. Conduct an assessment of each new proposed gTLD’s risk of consumer harm as part of the evaluation and approval process
  5. Improve the accuracy of Whois data, including by imposing a registrant verification requirement