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Applicants Demand an Appeal Process

Twelve new ICANN applicants have called to have an appeals process for when community objections are debatable. At fault the applicants say is the ICC panelists who don’t fully understand the applicant guidebook. The applicants are using for an example the .sports decision that recently went to the Olympic backed applicant SportsAccord over the Famous Four Media. The panel was not able to point out what detriment of material the Famous Four Media would have if they went ahead with the .sport domain. In regard to detriment they feel that the panel lowered the standard for SportsAccord and were not able to establish a firm ground on what lacking aspect the application had. They also claim that the panel did not establish a community in the community objection. Whether or not ICANN made the correct decision I don’t know, but they are calling for no further decisions to be made until the panel is educated and trained correctly in the applicant handbook guidelines. To read further on this topic click here.