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Two gTLDS for the Environment & Health Communities

With the start of the New Year the cliché resolution on everyone’s list is to get healthy and kick those unhealthy habits away. Diet fads have always plagued the habits of Americans, whether it was the 1970’s diet pill fad or the low-carb Atkins fad in the 1990’s. Currently I believe we are in the health conscious era fad of eating organic and being aware of where our food comes from and whether it is good for our planet. We have gone Green! The amount of health stores popping up across the nation is a testament to this new realization of health. Just look at the Whole Foods that is probably being built down the street from your house. Knowing that your food was raised on a farm and is actually organic can ward off loads of diseases that seem to be popping up from the use of hormones and antibiotics in our food.
Two domains that we have available that I believe could actually be beneficial to the health industries and this new conscious era of consuming food are dot green and dot organic. These two domains are perfect for the health gurus of America who seem to be popping everywhere. Dot Organic can be used in a variety of industries ranging from cosmetics, cleaning products, clothing, to food. The opportunities for different industries are endless when it comes to letting your customer know that you are using materials that are all natural. Consumers are whiling to spend the extra dollar knowing that their product was raised the proper way without the use of chemicals. It really is a positive marketing tool that can give reliability to your product and brand. Dot Green is another domain that I feel could change the way consumers think about a product. This domain encompasses the promise of being organic and also being friendly to the environment and our planet. For environmental groups this is the domain that you have been waiting for. This domain signifies that your company or brand cares about the environment and the well-being of the planet. With so many companies out there that are being harmful to the planet I believe this is a positive way to highlight your brands ability to be a supporter of our planet. Dot Green is currently in the sunrise period until February 6th, for more information click here. Also Dot Organic is currently on sale with us, for more information click here.