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Infographic on New TLD Awareness

Afilias and Momentum Event Group recently ran a webinar in preparation for the upcoming gTLD World Congress. The webinar outlined a background of the new gTLD process and predicted that new top level domains are likely to go live in Q4 of 2013. But the most interesting part of their webinar involved consumer and business survey results they shared to see how aware and ready the public is for new gTLDs.

Infographic - New gTLD Awareness

Afilias and YouGov ran the survey in 2013 which involved over 4000 U.S. and U. K. adult Internet users. They focused on awareness, trust, and reactions to new gTLDs. The answers are revealing. Following are selected rough synopses of their findings:

  • Only 22% of consumers are aware that new website addresses are being introduced.
  • About 30% of consumers who came across to a website using non-Roman characters in its address would be uncertain, untrusting, or navigate away from the website.
  • About 33% of respondents said they would be neither more nor less likely to trust that they are buying legitimate goods from a dot.brand website.
  • About 54% consider extensions like .com most trustworthy.
  • About 20% think that new TLDs would be equally trustworthy.
  • To buy a pair of sneakers online, the vast majority would go to a .com address.
    About 13% said they would buy from a site like
  • Out of larger companies, between 30% and 50% have some or full awareness of new gTLDs.
  • This was significant… they asked, if a participant visited a dot.brand site, who would they think was in control of the site? 45% said “Only entities under control of the Brand”.
  • Finally, about 15% of the participants answered that once dot.Brands were introduced, that brands who didn’t own their own would seem “behind the times”.
The above statements and graphs are rough estimates of the results.
You can get full details of the studies at .