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One- and Two-Letter .BIZ Domains

.BIZ DomainsICANN recently gave approval to NeuStar, the official registry for .BIZ domain names, to make one- and two-character .BIZ domains plublicly available through a special process designed to prevent exploitation.

The process will involve a phased rollout of the names, starting with the 36 available one-letter domains.  Interested parties will submit an RFP (Request for Proposal) detailing their claim to and plans for the domain name.  Neustar began accepting these RFPs on June 1 and the deadline is July 30, 2009.

Following the resolution of those prime one-letter domains will be an auction for unallocated names and the start of the same RFP process for two-letter domains and a subsequent auction of names not claimed through that phase.

Many see the release of one- and two-letter .BIZ names as a great way to continue to promote the .BIZ brand, and according to NeuStar, proceeds from the sales and auctions will go to exactly that purpose.  As we might expect, successful registratns of these names will have the option of transferring the names to the registrar of their choice.  If you are someone who is going to register one of these domains, you can contact us about our special pricing and hosting promotions.

You can find complete information on NeuStar’s planned release of one-and-two-character .BIZ domain names – including the list of domains, timing and the Request for Proposals here: