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.Pro Domain Expansion

After a long wait, the .pro domain expansion is finally here, and is busy registering .pro domains and second level domains for companies all around the world.  For those who don’t already know, the .pro domain, controlled by RegisterPro was envisioned as a distinctive, unique, and secure TLD for professionals in the medical, law, and accounting fields.  The recent release of multiple new SLDs for .pro expands not only expands the availability of the base .pro extension, but also gives professionals and businesses in a wide range of industries their own second level domains.

Under the former guidelines, those seeking to register a .pro domain had to be licensed professionals in one of the three fore-mentioned fields.  Even more restrictive was the fact that the TLD was also only available in the US, the UK, and Germany.  This year saw a couple of significant changes to these requirements, the most important being that the .pro TLD is now available to people in all countries, provided they hold a business license from a recognized licensing authority within their own country.  The elimination of this restriction is an important step toward making these specialized domain extensions more readily available to businesses around the world, so that people can register and use a .pro domain as a way of showing their status as a qualified professional in a given field.

To further expand .pro’s usability and desirability, there has been a significant addition to the number and type of SLDs available, including all of the following (for a full list, please click here):

  • Architects (
  • Certified Financial Analysts (
  • Certified Financial Planners (
  • Dentists (
  • Physician Assistants (
  • Podiatrists (
  • Psychologists (
  • Educators (
  • Engineers (
  • Nutritionists (
  • Optometrists (
  • Physical Therapists (

Now professionals in a wide range of fields can use a .pro domain as a way of showing membership in a trusted platform for verified professionals.  The registration requirements and process haven’t changed much beyond the increased availability, and 101domain can help you through the registration process quickly — register .pro domain today! Remember that all .pro TLD and SLD registrations are issued with a digital certificate, your choice of an SSL or email (s/MIME) cert.  See our FAQ for more about the .pro TLD and the registration requirements, or call us today to get help registering your own .pro domain.