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.TEL Goes Live

.tel domain registrationThis week saw the launch of the .Tel extension, with thousands of domains having been registered in the sunrise period.  Proponents of the new TLD say that it will create “the world’s first global directory.”  For those who don’t know, the idea behind .tel is that it is unlike other TLDs in that instead of handling DNS requests and displaying the corresponding website, .tel is intended to allow companies to give users/browsers, on internet-enabled devices of all kinds, access to contact information of all kinds.

Speaking for Telnic, the company behind the .tel extension, Henri Asseily, CTO and Chief Strategist, highlighted his hope that the .tel extension will “push the boundaries of communications and the internet to the next level, putting the power back into the hands of the individual when it comes to using and sharing contact information.”

Admittedly though, the success of .TEL depends on how well information on how it works and how it can be used is spread to companies across the globe.  Many companies have a domain strategy, but many do not, and the test will come when we see how many companies are open to finding out how .tel can help their business.  With a .tel domain, a business can log in and store contact information, keywords, and location information to be published to the internet quickly and securely without the need for a website.  The bottom line?  “People will now be able to dial a .tel domain name to connect with people. The future of communications is now wide open to innovation,” says Asseily. offered sunrise registrations for .tel, and is continuing to offer the registrations during the landrush period for $330 for 3 years (three year registration is required).  There are no specific requirements for registration – it’s first-come first-serve! For an example of a registered and active .tel domain, check here.