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IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process produces first domains inserted in the DNS root zone

According to ICANN, the following ccTLDs are the first non-Latin character top-level domains to be used due to their insertion in the DNS root zone earlier on Thursday, May 06th.

  • Egypt: مصر (Egypt)
  • Saudi Arabia: السعودية (AlSaudiah)
  • United Arab Emirates: امارات (Emarat)

Twenty-one requests for IDN ccTLDs have been received by ICANN, representing 11 languages. Of the 21, 13 requests have passed the second stage of the evaluation (the “String Evaluation”). Now the requesting countries are preparing for the final stage of the process (TLD Delegation). With final approval having been given, look for these domains to be available for registration soon. We will continue to have up-to-date information on our website.