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New gTLD Update and Trends

101domain has been accepting pre-orders for new gTLDs since September of 2012.  We were one of the first to publish comprehensive information about all 1,400+ new gTLDs as we saw how important it was for our customers to stay in tune with industry happenings.  We have recently analyzed our pre-order numbers as we’re getting closer to launch and we’ve derived some interesting information we’ve decided to share with you.

Below is a graph of the top 20 pre-registrations as of 8/16/2013.  What’s interesting to note is how evenly spread out the new gTLD pre-orders are. .WEB and .SHOP are clearly fan favorites, but the remaining gTLDs are all performing equally well. Not only are we experiencing large demand across the board, but we have also received a pre-order for every single new gTLD that will be publicly offered, including IDNs!

As we’re nearing the first releases, which could happen as early as October, demand is ramping up.  We’re experiencing growing interest, excitement, and questions. This is an exciting time for anyone who has interests in the internet and we can’t wait to get going!

If you’ve placed a pre-order with us, you’ll soon start receiving information specific to your interests.  In the meantime, you can always contact us or visit: New gTLD Extensions Coming Soon

New gTLD Pre-Order Pie Graph