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Potential New TLDs

What has grown from a humble beginning of just seven gTLDs in the 1980s, the count of TLDs has grown over the years to 280, the bulk of which were the introduction of country code TLDs.  On the table is the possibility to more than double the amount of TLDs.  Some potential new TLDs include:

  • Community
    • .arab
    • .cym
    • .eco
    • .gay
    • .green
    • .zulu
  • Ethnic
    • .arab
    • .bzh
    • .cym
    • .gal
    • .indigi
    • .scot
    • .sic
    • .zulu
  • Geographical
    • .africa
    • .berlin
    • .china
    • .cym
    • .hamburg
    • .koln
    • .london
    • .NYC
    • .paris
    • .roma
    • .scot
  • Specialized
    • .horse
    • .hotel
    • .music
    • .radio
    • .vin

Additional TLDs can increase consumer opportunity to find the domain name they want and provide a safer internet experience by increased security against abuses such as squatting, phishing, cybersquatting, and spamming.  At, we provide over 1000 extensions for you to search for your domain name.  Visit today!