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Registration Abuse Policies Working Group Publishes its Final Report

With the publication of  the Final Report on May 29, a number of recommendations to address domain name registration abuse in gTLDs were included for consideration by the GNSO Council. These recommendations are related to:

  • Cybersquatting: recommending the initiation of a Policy Development Process to investigate the current state of the UDRP .
  • WHOIS access problems: seeking ways to ensure that WHOIS data is accessible in an appropriately reliable, enforceable, and consistent fashion; and requesting that the ICANN Compliance Department publish data about WHOIS accessibility.
  • Malicious use of domain names: recommending the creation of best practices to help registrars and registries address the illicit use of domain names.
  • Front-running: recommending possible enforcement actions by ICANN Compliance
  • Cross-TLD registration scam: recommending to monitor and co-ordinate research with the community
  • Uniformity of contracts: recommending the creation of an Issues Report to evaluate whether a minimum baseline of registration abuse provisions should be created for all in-scope ICANN agreements.
  • GNSO-wide practices for the collection and dissemination of best practices, and for uniformity of reporting.
  • Fake renewal notices
  • Domain kiting
  • Deceptive and/or offensive domain names