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Syrian Electronic Army takes claim for NY Times Attack

The New York Times website was hacked again on Tuesday. Unlike the first incident earlier this month, this attack caused the entire website to be shutdown in the afternoon and NY Times employees were forced to stop sending information sensitive emails. Earlier today the Syrian Electronic Army on Twitter took ownership for the incident and also the previous attacks that happened with the Huffington Post. The NY Times registrar, Melbourne IT, did confirm that an unauthorized user logged into the system and tampered with client domains. Melbourne IT did mention that they later reversed the changes that the hackers caused. The company states that the hackers changed information within the DNS servers and effected several major companies, Twitter pictures being one of them. According to Internet security experts the ability to change everything happens when DNS servers are accessed. The SEA has claimed in the past responsibility for a number of attacks hitting the Washington Post, Huffington Post, CNN, Reuters, Associated Press, and The Onion. To read further please click here.