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The Original Search Engine Father

An amazing story comes out of the University of Stirling in Scotland, where John Fletcher invented the first search engine in his schools computer lab. Only until a few years ago when research teams tracked him down did John know that he had created the first search engine. Until then he was completely unaware that search engine giants still use his system to this very day.
In 1993, the web was just being born and users had no way of finding websites. Back then only a few thousand websites existed. In an early browser called Mosaic the way to find new websites was through notifying the company in Illinois and then they would reveal the website on their What’s New Page. At John’s job at the technology department he noticed that there was a flaw in the Mosaic system and one could not see what had been added previously. To solve this problem he built a system called JumpStation, which would categorize websites and recognize already previously visited websites. During that time anyone on the Internet was aware of JumpStation. By 1994, the JumpStation had indexed more then 275,000 websites, however the University had little interest or funding in keeping up with this system and so John left to go to Hong Kong to pursue other employment. His job at the University was to maintain the student database and administration, not to upkeep a search engine. John has received very little accolades for his invention, which was five years before Google opened its doors in 1998. To read further click here.