The Global Domain Strategy to Combat Cybersquatting

Monitoring and enforcing your brand internationally in the digital age

Domain names help you establish your identity, protect your brand from the competition, and combat ever-evolving cyber criminal activity. Learn how to develop a global domain strategy to protect your brand from commonly-squatted domain extensions.


A look inside the whitepaper

With continued top-level domain (TLD) launches planned through 2020, it is important to continue shaping and evolving your domain portfolio to encompass a global domain strategy.

This whitepaper will provide you with prevention solutions to the growing threat of cybersquatting, and the quickest and cost-effective paths to resolution in international domain name disputes.

UDRP cases: global domain strategy
WIPO global domain strategy

What you takeaway from this whitepaper

  • Understand difference between a domain investor and a cybersquatter
  • Learn the latest trends in cybersquatting
  • Learn how to protect your trademark across multiple gTLDs with domain blocking services
  • An understanding of how domain dispute policies compare in different jurisdictions
  • Actions you can take when another party may have rights to a trademark similar to yours
  • Examples of high-profile domain name disputes and resolutions 
  • Create a global domain strategy

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