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IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process

Keeping with the theme of expanding “competition, diversity, and choice,” ICANN has been hard at work recently gathering feedback on their proposed policies concerning the expansion of IDNs ccTLDs.  This was one of the main topics for discussion at their meeting in Cairo, and they seem to have gotten some great feedback from the domain community and business owners alike, in order to release a revised Draft Implementation Plan before the upcoming meeting in Mexico City in March.

This “fast track” process for IDN ccTLDs, once finalized, should make it much easier for countries to create a localized version of their country’s ccTLDs, while formalizing the relationship between prospective ccTLD managers and ICANN.  While concerns remain regarding financial considerations, the prevention of issues between new IDN ccTLDs and proposed gTLDs, and the role of IDN language tables, many are hopeful (including 101domain) that we will finally get a consolidated and formalized process for the release of new IDN extensions.

Surely IDNs will continue to be a hot topic all year in the domain industry, especially as the application for new gTLDs is finalized and new IDN gTLDs (which will use the same process) will start popping up all over the world.  As ICANN says, this will create and support “huge increases in choice, innovation, and competition of ideas.” (source:  For us, a centralized and uniform process will not only make it easier to manage our clients’ domains, but also to release new ccTLDs and gTLDs to you as soon as possible.

We will keep an eye out and provide updates as they happen. Meanwhile check out out our selection of IDNs, and in particular our newly-released tool for checking and registering IDNs.