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Shutdown ? No way!

A commissioned group called United Against Nuclear Iran has contacted ICANN with a list of ridiculous demands one being to shutdown the internet to Iran. The group UANI clearly did not understand what ICANN does and is afraid that Iran will use the Internet to get ahold of nuclear weapons. The letter states
“Absent access to ICANN/IANA, the dictatorial regime of Iran would be severely impeded in pursuing its illegal and amoral activities. For each day that you knowingly continue to provide Iran sanction-designated persons and entities access to the worldwide web, ICANN/IANA will be increasingly complicit in the IRGC and Iranian regime’s nefarious behavior. ICANN/IANA must stop transacting with such Iranian entities and persons and deny them access to Unique Web Identifiers, and therefore, the worldwide web.”
The groups seems to think that ICANN has the power to shutdown and sanction certain domain names, which is completely untrue because the real power lies in the US Department of Commerce. The group makes numerous demands besides the quote above and the group seemed to embarrass themselves completely in all of the listed demands. To read further on the subject click here.