Khon2 in Hawaii reported today that the Hawaii Bank is among many banks adopting the new .BANK domain name to combat the threat of hackers. The new domain name ending is operated by the American Banker’s Association.

Ed Pei, Executive Director of the Hawaiian Bankers Association stated: “There’s a lot of scrutinies that goes into applying and receiving one of these .bank top-level domain names and so that’s an important security measure,” he explained…. however, “The only thing it changes is how clients access the website, so the back office, all the operational features remain exactly the same”.

.BANK is the newest example of “verified generic Top Level Domain names (gTLDs)” and can be compared to .gov or .edu in the sense that only government entities or accredited schools can register those domains. In the case of .BANK, only licensed and verified banking entities can register a .BANK domain name.  The ABA hopes that over time, consumers will come to know that when they see a .BANK at the end of an email or website, they can have extra assurance that the email or website is legitimate.  As of now, using .BANK is a voluntary security measure that banks can choose to utilize.  There is an investment, but the banks that do this are investing in the security and safety of their clients.

See the video below and if you’d like more information on how your bank can utilize the new .BANK domain or .IO domain name, contact a Sales Representative at 888.982.7940  |Int: +1.760.448.2394 |

Watch the video at Khon2News Hawaii