.am country code top level domain name

To those of you in the industry, WILL.I.AM may be nothing new but I love seeing people use country-code Top Level Domain names creatively like this.  ccTLDs have been around for as long as the DNS has been active and, even with new gTLDs being released every day, they offer plenty of interesting uses.  In WILL.I.AM’s case, he uses two easy to create tools:

  1. He uses the .AM country-code (which technically represents Armenia but is an open ccTLD that anyone can register).
  2. He uses a third-level sub-domain (there are two dots in the domain name instead of the common one dot).

Both of these tools are easily accessible and offer thousands of possibilities.  If you visit our ccTLD page, you can select from over 240 country codes.  Most of them are open, meaning you can register one even if you don’t live in the country represented.  Some of them however do have “Nexus Rules”.  This means that you can only buy them if you live there or if you have a “Trustee” there.  101domain.com offers Trustee services in about eighty countries with nexus rules.   But think of the creative possibilities: ccTLDs ranging from .AC (Ascension Islands) to .ZA (South Africa aka Zuid Africa).

To set up a third-level domain name like WILL.I.AM, all you need to do is talk to your hosting company (wherever your website will be hosted).  We provide hosting for customers every day and can easily assist you with this.

CCTLDs remain a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.  You don’t have to be a rapper to benefit by these but WILL.I.AM has perfected the technique and is probably the best pioneer that I’ve seen.  Others have done it.  Bit.ly started this way too, using the ccTLD from Libya (.ly). They eventually did purchase the .com domain, bitly.com.  One of my favorite blogs is written by Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress.  His site is MA.TT (.TT is the ccTLD for Trinidad and Tobago but makes a nice ending for his name too!).

So there you go!  Thousands of creative possibilities.  Let your mind loose on this.  Finally, if you are stumped and need some creative assistance, visit our friends at Domai.nr.