Twitter has come out in the last few weeks in support of the new gTLDs. The website is not in support of all the new gTLDs, however some of them when typed into the browser allows the user to actually go to a clickable link. This for example works for but doesn’t work for .okinawa, which is also live. It appears that gTLDs that went live before February 5th are clickable on the social media website. The problem stems back to how effective the application support for the new gTLD program is and if the browser is going to recognize the new gTLD as a website link. I believe this is a vital step in reaching universal acceptance for the new gTLDs. Not only acceptance but a spreadability and marketability across the Internet. The main concerns of registrars is that individuals will not be able to deal with the change of the new gTLDs not only from finger recognition standpoint but also familiarity. Hopefully Twitters ability to gather engagement from users will bring a new buzz for the gTLDs on the Internet. To read further on this topic please click here.