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.LUXE domain registry has partnered with Ethereum to connect DNS and blockchain for the first time to create the backbone of a new type of Internet.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the leading blockchain platform that offers a complementary currency of Bitcoin in the digital ecosystem. The second largest cryptocurrency, Ether is now one of the top 20 World Currencies.

Ether is a form of payment or the “crypto-fuel” made by the clients of the Ethereum platform to build blockchain based services, assets and decentralized apps. Ethereum created .ETH to act as a custom wallet identifier.

Does .luxe domain have a special use?

Users will be able to register .LUXE domain names that run on the DNS like traditional domains for website, email, blog, etc. but will also have the ability to point to Ethereum wallets and smart contracts.

Ethereum adoption is growing fast. Microsoft announced that they will offer Ethereum Blockchain as a service and many major organizations from Shopify and Overstock now accept Ethereum payments.

.Luxe Domain Names

Search for your .luxe domain name now.

Available now for 22.99 USD per year



Trademark Holders Only

This is the first phase in a domain launch and is reserved for trademark holders registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

ETH Limited

Trademark Holders Only

Anyone who already has a .ETH will have the opportunity to secure the exact match .LUXE domain name before it opens to the general public. The technology that will connect .LUXE to Ethereum is still being developed and will be released on our website soon.


Early Access

This is a priority phase that gives anyone an opportunity to pay a fee and register their domain name before it goes to General Availability. There are 7 days in Landrush. The price to gain access decreases throughout the week along with your odds of securing the perfect name.

General Availability

Open to the Public

Anyone can register any available .LUXE domains once it hits this phase. General Availability Pre-Orders will be automatically processed when GA begins and is the best chance you have to get your name first.

Want to learn more about Ethereum and Blockchain technology?

Check out our new blog post that covers the exciting new partnership. Read More

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