.NEW domain is here

Google’s latest and highly anticipated top-level domain is launching! We are excited to welcome .new domain to our portfolio, and you should be too.

But wait! .new domain has a special use

.new is exclusively for performing new actions online:


Registration Policy

By registering a .new domain, you agree to follow the Google Registration Policy, including ensuring that your website will be live and compliant within 100 days of registration.

User Experience

All websites must direct users to take action or generate content with at most one click. For example, Google is using doc.new to open a fresh word processing document.


Secure Your Website

.new is a more secure domain, meaning that HTTPS is required. You can buy your domain name now, but in order for it to work properly in browsers you must have an SSL certificate.

You can add SSL in your cart for 30% off for a limited time.

Don’t wait! Pre-order .new domain today

If you agree to follow the Google Registration Policy listed above, please follow the steps below to pre-order:

number 1

Login to your account

Select the .new domain name you want to pre-order.

number 2

Proceed to checkout

Complete checkout to secure your pre-order domain name.

Number 3

We'll handle the rest

Once .new goes live, we will attempt to register your domain name. If we don’t get your name for you, you get your money back 100% guarantee.

"When Google opens up the .new space to third-party registrants, it’s easy to imagine domains such as tweet.new taking users directly to a Twitter composition page or blog.new immediately opening up a new post on something like WordPress or Medium."

– Kevin Murphy

Get Discovered Online Easier

.new was created for the creatives, as a way to easily discover and interact with brands behind a short, memorable, and secure TLD. 

Get discovered online easier with .new domain
.new domain helps you build a stronger relationship with your customers

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Anyone is able to register .new, but the website has to be used to generate action or create content online. This keeps customers engaged with your brand.

Who Is Already Using .new?

Show customers you are an early adopter on the cutting-edge of innovation and join the industry leaders who already have live websites up on their .new domain names.

who is already using .new domain?

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