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Wendy’s Files for Arbitration to Get Domain

An article over at today says that the fast food restaurant chain Wendy’s has filed for arbitration to retrieve their domain name with the extension. The domain in dispute,, is parked with a logo and a simple message telling those interested in purchasing the domain name to email them.

This is yet another example of how defensive registrations can help companies, and in particular brand managers, save time and money avoiding UDRPs and arbitrations over domains like this. It currently costs $57 to register a domain, but the UDRP, even if undisputed, will run the company upwards of $1500-3000 – perhaps a small amount to a company with “more than 6,600 locations in 22 countries,” but still more money and hassle than its worth when they likely could have easily secured the domain long ago. Even if a company can’t afford to protect their domain/brand/trademark in every country around the world, surely they can do it in a country right next door to their own, and for only $57 per year.

Presumably Wendy’s is (finally) going after the domain because of the reopening of the .mx extension, which we wrote about here and in our newsletter. With some luck they will get the domain in time to grab the .mx, but this is certainly a cautionary tale to all those companies out there still sitting on the side lines and hoping that they will get away with ignoring defensive domain registration.