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ICANNs new policy

This week ICANN adopted new plan that should help new applicants when it comes to clashes with the new gTLDs that could potentially have conflicts on private networks. The goods news about the new policy is that applicants no longer have to wait an undetermined amount of time in regards to high risk names. Besides the names .home and .corp, ICANN will conduct further investigations on high risk name clashes that could occur. Instead of an applicant having to wait for the risk to be assessed they can now bypass that step of waiting. ICANN will then in the mean time conduct a study of the risk involved for that particular name. The studies will include how much traffic the name already has on the DNS server and how many second-level domains exist. Any registrant that does not want to wait for a study to take place can by pass the study phase, however they must block all second-level domains. Worst case scenario is that the domain had thousands of secondary domains. This maybe risky for ICANN and trademark infringement, but I am sure there are lawyers already on the defensive. ICANN will soon launch a media awareness campaign that will let networks know wha types of risk the new gTLDS pose to their networks. To read further on the new policies click here.