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New CEO has plans

The new CEO of ICANN, Fadi Chehadé, in his first week is already shaking things up. He created two brand new positions and promoted current senior positions. He hired public relations executive Sally Costerton as chief stakeholder engagement officer and Egpyt’s former minister of communications Tarek Kamel as senior advisor for government affairs. Costerton is seen has the most senior women in marketing today, while Kamel is seen as a controversial hire with his past mainly being engineering. Kamel moreover, was most currently seen as former IT minister under Mubarack’s regime where the internet was known for going off. Kurt Pritz, who’s currently senior vice president of stakeholder relations, was promoted to chief of strategy as well. While Maguy Serad, was promoted to vice president of contractual compliance, and now will directly have to report Chehadé himself. To read further please click here.